At the right place, at the right time

Trendspotting lies at the intersection of markets and culture. A brand-builder guide. An indicator of what the market may seek in the future, it helps manage risk, and helps up profits.
We believe that trendspotting is not just about what’s in vogue. It’s not about the products people buy. Rather, it’s the solutions that can enhance their lives. And the indicator often lies deeper in their motivations, aspirations, fears and barriers.

With this knowledge, we help you plan product launches or design communication for the highest outcomes.


Spot upcoming trends early. Adapt or pivot your business strategy. Capitalise on them to emerge as market leaders.


Craft your broad business strategy. Choose a local product launch or an enthralling screenplay. Achieve wider reach for greater impact.


Be a coveted early adopter of new best practices by discovering things as they happen and analysing how customers react

Presented a paper at ESOMAR Best of India 2013

Our best-in-class Trendspotting Exercises and Research Paper was shortlisted and presented at ESOMAR BEST OF INDIA 2013



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