Our Team

Monalisa Dani Saxena
Founder & CEO

With a driving passion to ask the right questions and capture the pulse of the people, Monalisa has an innate curiosity to collect data and link it to impactful strategies. This has fueled her entrepreneurial journey. She started Pixights in 2012 out of a spare bedroom, while she was expecting her second child. Over the years, she has pioneered a plethora of innovative solutions across the industry.

Monalisa has over 20 years of rich and diverse experience across FMCG, SMCG, Media, Tobacco, Finance, Automotives, and several other sectors specialising in brand and communication strategy. She also holds expertise in semiotics and research related to the rural and social sectors.

Her business philosophy is simple – “Listen to the root consumers and adapt/change with time. Innovation is critical to sustainability”.

Monalisa has had an eight-year stint with Kantar. She has also worked for two years at the Center for International Business at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth, USA prior to starting Pixights. Monalisa comes with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing Communications from MICA, Ahmedabad.

Sumit Saxena
Co-Founder & COO

Be it business development, operations, consulting, strategy, planning, or market research, Sumit thrives in situations that challenge him to step out of his comfort zone and innovate. Entrepreneurship happened to him because he firmly believes that “ Innovative solutions are the need of the hour. Relationships work when you listen. We are in the business of helping our clients make better decisions by listening more to what they are saying, actively, quickly, and efficiently.”

He has worked across industries with brands like GE, Siemens, Vodafone, Raymond, Zee, Disney, Sony, Economic Times, RPG Group, and Emami as well as on Government projects in his career of 20 years.

Sumit comes with experience across management consulting and market research specialising in data-backed decision-making, financial modelling, and business strategy. He has done his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, USA, and Post Graduation in Marketing Communications from MICA, Ahmedabad.

Debarati Talapatra
Senior Research Director

Debarati has always been interested in human motivation, storytelling and popular culture, which combined with her data-driven approach have helped deliver relevant and action-oriented insights to clients.

Debarati has over 20 years of experience across management consulting and consumer insights specialising in business strategy, content strategy, and branding.

She has had stints with Nielsen, Infosys, Fidelity Investments, and Star India Pvt. Ltd before joining Pixights. She comes with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing Communications from MICA, Ahmedabad.

Aarti Agarwal
Qualitative Research Director

With a knack for successfully transforming business outcomes with her relentless ability to work under pressure and handle challenges, Aarti is a self-motivated performer with an experience of 15 years.

Adept at coming up with unique solutions by channelising her ability to listen, she is known to accelerate and evolve different ways of working. Her rich and diverse experience in consumer insights, across various sectors like FMCG, media, finance, consumer durables and telecom has given her the gift of powering on with communication and brand-building research, making it her invincible forte.

Aarti had stints with Kantar and Nielsen, before joining Pixights. She comes with a Post Graduate degree from MET, Mumbai.

Shipra Rawat
Quantitative Research Director

With over 15 years of experience in the field of consumer insights, Shipra has made the ‘perfect balance’ her mantra. She believes that people are what drive any business. And if you master the art of understanding them, then the possibilities are endless.

Having a remarkable and enriching experience across various sectors like FMCG, Media, Food, Consumer durables, Banking & Telecom, Shipra focuses her work and attention on communication and brand-building research.

Shipra has had a six-year stint with Kantar, and has been associated with Pixights since 2017. She comes with a Post Graduate degree from MICA, where she majored in Media Management & Market Research.

Swati Patil
Operations Director

A seasoned industry stalwart, Swati believes that embracing change is the only way to stay relevant in the future.

With the powerful advantage of having over 28 years of experience in Operations, Swati navigates challenges and devises innovative solutions, staying the irreplaceable backbone of the team.

Swati has had a stint of 18 years at Kantar and has been a part of the Pixights journey from the very start.