Our proprietary tools

Local Tadka: Building contextual journeys in TV and cinema

Whether it is movies, advertisements or beyond, what truly clicks with the audience is the authenticity of the characters and settings. The more real the scene, the stronger the connect.

Local Tadka is our proprietary way to deliver contextual cues of various aspects like characters, settings, stories and more.

  • We have strategic tie-ups with experts in local cultures and behaviour that help you get insights into the core of the context – from locations to apparel and language to character traits.
  • Our team of ‘rooters’ can also help you find the character prototypes that you’re looking for in your story to ensure a true reflection of reality.
  • A stronger context can give meaning and significance to your story. This helps gain the empathy of the audience and reinforces their identity better with the protagonists and the setting.

D-CIPHER: Discover your brand positioning

When your brand stands out, it sets you apart. A unique brand positioning reflects the traits that are important for the customer, while also setting you apart from your competitors. It brings the spotlight on the promise and helps you build a loyal customer base.

Our tool D-CIPHER uses a layering method based on visualisation and emotionalisation, to help you:

  • Define a holistic understanding of your consumers and their unique attitude towards the brand category.
  • Derive positioning options along with details of their manifestations.
  • Arrive at a compelling positioning with a thought-through direction, influencing your customers’ decision to choose you over others.

Merren: Messenger-based data collection tool

No more long-winding research surveys or just sporadic, brief connections with shallow insights. Merren offers a conversational experience of what your customer is looking for – so that you can build better products and solutions for them.

Accurate, comprehensive data through quicker surveys

An app-based survey tool that enables you to run fully-automated marketing research surveys using popular messaging.

With a cost-effective, feature-rich survey platform, you can capture consumer insights in real-time and across geographies.

Finalist at the Dr. Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award

Merren was the finalist at the prestigious Dr. Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award For Technical Excellence at MRSI 2020